Meghan Trainor – Thank You (2016) – Download Torrent

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Meghan Trainor
Álbum: Thank You
Gênero: Pop
Lançamento: 2016
Tamanho: 119 MB
Formato: Mp3

 Meghan Trainor – Thank You (2016) – Download Torrent

01 Watch Me Do
02 Me Too
03 NO
04 Better (feat. Yo Gotti)
05 Hopeless Romantic
06 I Love Me (feat. LunchMoney Lewis)
07 Kindly Calm Me Down
08 Woman Up
09 Just a Friend to You
10 I Won’t Let You Down
11 Dance Like Yo Daddy
12 Champagne Problems
13 Mom (feat. Kelli Trainor)
14 Friends
15 Thank You (feat. R. City)
16 Goosebumps
17 Throwback Love

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